El Royale Casino Underage Gaming Policy

El Royale Casino is committed to promoting responsible gaming and protecting minors from participating in any form of gambling activity. Our Underage Gaming Policy outlines our dedication to ensuring that individuals under the legal gambling age are unable to access our platform and engage in real-money gaming. We take this responsibility seriously to provide a safe and secure environment for all players.

1. Age Verification: 1.1. To prevent underage gaming, all players are required to confirm their age during the registration process. You must be at least 18 years old or meet the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction, whichever is higher, to use our services.

1.2. El Royale Casino may request age verification documents, such as a copy of your government-issued identification, to confirm your age. Falsifying your age is strictly prohibited and may result in account closure.

2. Parental Controls: 2.1. We encourage parents and guardians to use parental control software and filters to restrict access to online gaming sites for individuals under the legal gambling age.

3. Education and Awareness: 3.1. El Royale Casino provides information and resources on responsible gaming, including the risks of underage gambling, on our website. We aim to raise awareness about the importance of preventing minors from accessing our platform.

4. Account Verification: 4.1. We conduct regular checks and verification processes to identify and restrict access to accounts that may belong to individuals under the legal gambling age.

5. Reporting Underage Gambling: 5.1. If you suspect that someone under the legal gambling age is accessing our platform, please report it to us immediately. We will investigate and take appropriate action.

6. Consequences of Underage Gaming: 6.1. If we discover that a player is underage, we will close their account, void any winnings, and return any remaining funds to the player’s legal guardian or parent.

7. Legal Consequences: 7.1. Underage gambling is illegal in many jurisdictions. Individuals caught attempting to gamble while underage may face legal consequences.

8. Responsible Gaming Tools: 8.1. El Royale Casino offers responsible gaming tools, including deposit limits and self-exclusion options, to help players maintain control over their gaming activity and prevent underage gambling.

9. Policy Updates: 9.1. El Royale Casino reserves the right to update its Underage Gaming Policy as needed to remain in compliance with changing regulations and industry best practices.

10. Contact Us: 10.1. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Underage Gaming Policy or suspect underage gambling on our platform, please contact our customer support team. Your cooperation is essential in maintaining a safe gaming environment.

By using El Royale Casino, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to this Underage Gaming Policy. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us prevent underage gambling and ensuring that our platform remains a responsible and secure gaming environment for all players.